Sub Committees



Bonnie Eisner, Chair
Susie Hermreck
Terri Howard
Donna Mehlschau
Guy Murray

Update of Davis Report-

Clyde Cruise, Chair
Dan Gaddis
Jim Harrison
Dan Woodson

Public Information-
Al Daurio, Chair
Helen Daurio
Bonnie Eisner
Ethel Landers
Lyn Mc Gill

Community Development-
Ingmar Lauringson, Chair
Kevin Beauchamp
Keith Mac Gregor
Joe Tomei

Fund Raising-
Mike Eisner, Chair
Clyde Cruise
Phil Henry
Rick Hoff

Public Relation-

Merle Ackerman, Co-Chair
Terry Buterbaugh, Co-Chair

HOA Relationship-

Bob McGill, Chair


One response to “Sub Committees

  1. I am interested in serving on the Schools/Education committe that is being formed. I taught public school for 37 years and believe I can contribute to this group.

    Thank you

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