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Nipomo Incorporation Committee Vision Conference A Success

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee (NICE) held a vision conference on Saturday February 12, 2011 at the Blacklake Golf Resort Clubhouse.   Approximately 45 people attended from various groups representing a cross section of the Nipomo Community. Continue reading


Santa Maria Times Covers NICE Conference Nipomo County To City

The Santa Maria Times, apparently the only media present at the NICE community meeting–Nipomo County to City, has an informative article in today’s Santa Maria Times.  Mike Hodgson, Associate Editor for the Times writes: Continue reading

Nipomo Development Conference Writeup In Santa Maria Times

Mike Hodgson, an associate editor with the Santa Maria Times attended yesterday’s Nipomo Development Conference hosted by the Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education (NICE).  Mike’s excellent write up is in this morning’s Santa Maria Times hereContinue reading

Letters To The Editor On Nipomo Incorporation

The Tribune has run a few letters to the editor on Nipomo’s Incorporation over the last several days.  I am reposting them here for preservation of the dialogue.  You can read all of them after the jump. Continue reading

The Adobe Press Reports On Nipomo’s Incorporation

Tentative Boundaries for the Town of Nipomo

Today’s Adobe Press has a front page article on the most recent update to Nipomo’s Incorporation movement. Reporter Todd Cralley’s article is similar to last week’s Santa Maria Times article in that it deals with incorporation; however, there are significantly different aspects to the Adobe Press article, including the proposed boundary map above.   See here for a more detailed boundary map. Continue reading

Santa Maria Times Looks At Nipomo Incorporation

Today’s Santa Maria Times has an article discussing the Nipomo Incorporation movement. Staff writer Tood Cralley reported on the most recent workshop, 5/12/07 and also provides our website address. Todd did a good job on this article, and it helps NICE fulfill its mission of educating the public about incorporation. You can read the entire article at the link above or after the jump. If anyone has questions about the article or incorporation, feel free to leave comments. Continue reading

Nipomo: Preserving the village

In an ongoing effort to provide as comprehensive coverage as is possible of Nipomo’s Incorporation movement, I am adding various media stories to our archives. Most of what is there now is current media coverage; however, I have several stories which date back several years, such as this one, which appeared in the New Times on 10/4/01. Where a link to an existing story still exists, I am providing that link to the original story, such as with this one. I am also re-posting the entire story below in case the original story at some time is removed from the online archives of the original source. For a comprehensive listing of all media coverage in our archives click on the Media Coverage section on the side bar: Continue reading