Nipomo Incorporation Committee Vision Conference A Success

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee (NICE) held a vision conference on Saturday February 12, 2011 at the Blacklake Golf Resort Clubhouse.   Approximately 45 people attended from various groups representing a cross section of the Nipomo Community.

Media including KSBY and the Adobe Press covered the event.  You can view the KSBY video clip here.  The Adobe Press published their article this morning and had a good re-cap of the morning’s events:

A broad spectrum of Nipomo residents, business owners and community group leaders attended a recent meeting to share their visions of what they would like to see if the town becomes a city.

Approximately 45 people representing some 25 organizations attended last Saturday’s incorporation workshop facilitated by the Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education (N.I.C.E.) and Chamber of Commerce.

You can view several photographs of the event here. The individuals attending came up with several goals, which were written on large sheets, which you can see here.

The top goals as the Adobe Press reported were narrowed to:

The groups then came together and developed a list of the top five goals for Nipomo’s future, which included developing a more diverse and expanded tax base, and putting a greater emphasis on the community’s schools as well as youth and senior programs.

The group also listed developing hotels and/or a convention center in the community and giving Nipomo an identity as top goals, Murray said.

Also attending were various government leaders, including County and local NCSD elected officials.  Thanks to everyone to participated and assisted in the program, including NICE Steering Committee Members and Bill Morrow and Bob McGill who acted as facilitators for the event.

If you’re on Facebook, come visit and “Like” us on our NICE Facebook Page.


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