NICE Presents Candidates for 4th District Supervisor Forum

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education is sponsoring a forum for the current candidates running for the 4th District Supervisor Seat.  Please download our flyer:  NICE 2010 Super Forum FlyerThe forum is open to the public.  The details are:

Date:  Saturday 02/06/10

Time:  9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Place  The Avila Room, Monarch Club at Trilogy (The Woodlands)

The forum will be hosted by Home Town Radio’s Dave Congalton of KVEC Radio 920 on your AM dial.

The Candidates are:

Jim Guthrie: A current member of the Arroyo Grande City Council

Paul Teixeira:  A current member of the LMUSD Board, and a San Luis Obispo County Parks Commissioner

Mike Zimmerman:  A local Attorney and Rancher

Come find out what the candidates’ positions are on the issues that affect Nipomo as well as their vision for the 4th District.  Discussions will include:

Land use; Water, Growth; Traffic; Unincorporated Areas.

Written questions from audience participants will be presented to the candidates.  This type of political interaction is the foundation of our democracy.  Come, participate, and make your voice heard.


4 responses to “NICE Presents Candidates for 4th District Supervisor Forum

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