N.I.C.E. Nipomo Incorporation Survey Results

Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education

Questionnaire Results (25% response)

March 1, 2009

1. Please rank the following, in order of priority, as to reasons for Incorporation;

1. Self Rule 46.15%

2. Growth 28.20%

3. Local representation

4. Water decisions

5. Better use of tax dollars

6. Permitting



Keep private property private

Concerns over future water rights

Ability to establish priorities for the Nipomo area (broader than self rule)

Land use planning power

2. Please rank the following, in order of importance, as the important issues facing Nipomo today;

1. Water 45.00%

2. Traffic 22.50%

3. Growth

4. Roads

5. Density

6. Schools

7. Parks


Don’t waste funds fixing a state and federal problem

Planned growth with proper infrastructure (roads)

Using zoning correctly without GPA

3. What questions do you have about the possible incorporation of Nipomo?

A. How will the cost to incorporate be covered? 

Through fundraising and donations. We have a fundraising committee that will begin to work on the $200,000.00 necessary to place the subject before LAFCO.

B. When will the incorporation process be able to begin? Our original estimate was that we would be able to place the question on the ballot in the year 2012.

 Our original estimate was that the community would be able to vote on the subject of incorporation in the year 2012, however due to the current economy we are not sure of the date. When the finance committee determines that the community is generating enough sales tax, property tax and other funds to support a city we will explore the ballot option.

C. Where is the money to incorporate? 

See A

D. Exactly how much tax revenue goes to the County and exactly how much is spent on Nipomo? 

Unknown at this time

E. How can we be assured that incorporation will offer us a better quality of service and greater efficiencies in government including accountability while not increasing taxes?

 On the question of raising taxes, the new city government cannot raise taxes without a vote of the people. This is law. As to the second part of the question, you will be represented by 5 people elected from the city and not just one person sitting on the Board of Supervisors. Lastly, local control will be able to address problems in a timelier manner.

F. How can we design incorporation to offer us more than just another layer of government and potentially less skilled, ego-driven politicians? 

Get involved and have a say in how Nipomo should be run. We need a council of hard working and dedicated individuals to run our community. They are currently in our community and will serve if asked.

G. How do we assure ourselves that if incorporation happens that the skills of those elected and/or hired are of equal or better quality than at the County level? 

Get involved in the process and make your voice heard. We currently have people serving the community through SCAC and NCSD. Attend their meetings and observe their commitment, knowledge and willingness to serve. This is where the new council will come from as elected (not appointed) by the community.

H. If incorporated, will the tax base be sufficient to cover roads? 


I. How do the current powers and finances of the county and local water transfer to the new city?

 The PUC controlled water purveyors will stay the same and NCSD may or may not become part of the City government. These are discussions that will occur with LAFCO.

J. How can the new community pay for the deteriorating infrastructure without raising taxes? 

The funds currently going to the County generated in Nipomo would transfer to the City of Nipomo

K. When will the community be able to see the cost of local government versus the rate of commercial and property tax growth? 

We have a finance committee that is currently analyzing this information and will have a preliminary report at our fall meeting

L. How do we prevent the new city from being run by the historic land owners and developers? We could leap from the pan into the fire regarding development. 

Through the election of the City council

M. How much commercial development will it take to become financially viable for incorporation? 

Unknown at this time but the committee is working on this matter

N. Can Nipomo afford all the necessary services required at our current population and business levels without increasing property, sales and local taxes? 

These are being analyzed by the finance committee, but remember that taxes cannot be raised without the approval of the voters.

O. What industry/business/ other sources of revenue will provide enough of a tax base to support self governance?

 See M

P. Where can we get information that shows the economic arguments in favor of becoming a city?

 By becoming a part of N.I.C.E and attending the information gatherings

Q. What is the proposed area of incorporation and will the County target that boundary for growth according to the smart growth principles and the framework for planning?

 Our proposed area of incorporation follows the 93444 zip code. See the web site for a map of the area. The final decision on the boundaries will be determined by LAFCO. As to growth, without control of the City through incorporation, the County will continue to use Nipomo as an area to place development that other communities resist.

4. Please rank the services, in order of importance, which you feel are less than adequate in Nipomo;

1. Road maintenance 33.33%

2. Health care facilities 22.50%

3. Community Center

4. Senior support

5. Parks


Commercial Development tax base



Water & sewer

NCSD management and transparency

Would like more cohesiveness in the community

More shopping, i.e. Grocery stores

Better communication with the press

Better highway interface construction

Police/fire and related services

Population control

Water use

5. Do you feel that the County is spending an adequate amount of tax dollars, collected from Nipomo residents, in Nipomo?

Yes   3 No 33

6. How long have you lived in Nipomo? 

0-5 years 34.21%

6-10 years 42.11%

11-15 years  5.26%

Over 16 years 18.42%

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 low and 10 high), please rate the following:

Is incorporation good for Nipomo? 8

Does Nipomo need more commercial growth? 6

Is the idea of “rural” good for Nipomo?

8. Groups where a presentation on incorporation would be valuable;


9. What subject would be of interest to you at a “Community Gathering” in the future?

A. Projected cross over regarding revenue neutrality

B. “What is Nipomo” Gather all significant community groups together and give them 10 minutes to describe what their mission is in the community. NICE could moderate and see what consensus is achieved in the vision of Nipomo.

C. Meetings on time and expense to incorporate.

D. How can Nipomo bring in more jobs? What kinds of jobs are best for Nipomo?

E. Roundtable discussions on Incorporation.

F. What can the general public do to assist in this massive project?

G. Freeway issues and water issues

H. Green projects for the community and their value with regards to future employment in Nipomo.

I. Clear condensed idea of actual costs per capita to incorporate and costs after incorporation.

J. Growth, infrastructure, services and the financial health of Nipomo after incorporation.

K. Fiscal analysis of Incorporation and continued updating of the community on this subject.

L. Financial projections of Nipomo in view of the current economy.

M. Is incorporation going to maintain rural or create a city? Is zoning going to be less than Residential Suburban?


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