Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes 12/9/08

Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes

December 9, 2008

Present: Mike Eisner, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Lynn Mc Gill, Bob Mc Gill, Jim Harrison, Larry Verheilig, Merle Ackerman, and Dan Gaddis.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.

Dale Ramey was not ready for his presentation, but would like to come back on January 20th to discuss Willow Road. These meetings as all steering committee meetings are open to the public. The committee was urged to invite any person(s) they thought would be interested in the subject matter to attend.

Davis Report – Mike recapped the latest recalculation of the Davis Report which has been created by Clyde Cruise and his committee. Mike went to the assessor’s office and they created a map for the city of Nipomo based on the 93444 zip code. There are 142 parcels missing, but will be incorporated into the next revision of the city map. This map reflects 2 billion in property tax and land improvements in these parcels. The county receives 1% of the state total and then generates revenue back to each city based on a calculation computed by the county. Larry suggests we have a powerful negotiator at the table when Incorporation proceedings take place with the County.

New Data- Each committee member is to pick apart the data from the Davis Report revision and send it back to Mike and Clyde. A copy of the revised budget will be uploaded to the website for all members to review and comment on.

It was suggested that we get a “sanity” check on when these developments will really begin based on the fact that King Ventures and Nipomo Commons have been on the books for at least 5 years and never broken ground. George Newman also is always stating he is 60 days from beginning, but has not moved any sand lately.

Ingmar- He is trying to come up with a fund raiser for NICE. His suggestion is to begin with a bumper sticker. All agreed that we do need to find a source for some revenue. Perhaps on the scale of Goleta with a bumper sticker that says NIPOMO NOW. Ingmar will explore ideas for a bumper sticker.

I.R.S. Reports- Mike would like our treasurer, Clyde Cruise, to investigate which year end reports need to be filed with the state or federal government to make sure we keep our non-profit status and report back.

Questionnaire- It was suggested that we send a questionnaire out to those who have signed up on our e-mail list. A list of sample questions were reviewed and discussed. Mike will develop the questionnaire and send it to the committee for review before submitting to the community.

The next Community Presentation will be on either March 21 or March 28. We agreed that it should be the county of SLO presentation on “Nipomo in the next 5 years” based on what they envision for the community. Speakers should be Katcho, Chuck Stevenson, Dale Ramey, James Lopes and Brian Pedrotti. The following questions would be included in the presentation:

1. What projects are in the planning stages?
2. What changes would occur to the plans if the community were to Incorporate?
3. What infrastructure improvements are planned?
4. What effect does water have on County plans for Nipomo?
5. How does the current economy effect the plans for Nipomo?

Meeting Adjourned at 7:25 p.m.


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