NICE Nipomo Development Conference A Success


On Saturday, September 20, 2008, 263 Nipomo residents jammed the Avila Room at at the Monarch Club in Trilogy (Woodlands) to hear about eight development projects in the works in the Nipomo Area.

This was one of the largest, if not the largest gathering of Nipomo residents in history.  It was standing, sitting and kneeling room only at the Monarch Club’s Avila Room at Trilogy, as many of the photographs confirm.  The meeting ran on schedule thanks to the moderator, Dave Congalton, of Hometown Radio.

Nipomo Town Square


George Newman, developing Nipomo Town Square, led off the group presentations.  Early photos of Nipomo Town Square are here. I’ve also written about Nipomo Town Square, here, and here.

George expressed gratitude for the large crowd and publicly confirmed his support for Nipomo’s eventual incorporation.  Nipomo Town Square intersects at Juniper and Mary Streets in Nipomo, and consists of approximately 19 acres.  It will contain commercial, retail and professional projects.

George has spent approximately 17 years obtaining the property, the permits, and securing tenants. Some tenants will include restaurants, medical offices, an assisted living facility, professional office, and retail  outlets are all included in Nipomo Town Square.  George described five different eating facilities.

The assisted living facility will have up to 142 residents, comprised of some 90 units.  The rooms will be quite large.  He anticipates couples could live together at the assisted daily living.

George showed several layouts of buildings.  The medical buildings, might include an out patient surgical center, an urgent care center, podiatrists, optometrist, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecologists, medical imaging, physical therapy, and internal medicine.

The project may also have a drive through bank.  San Luis Ambulance may also move into one of buildings.

There is no bed tax in the project, meaning hotel beds; but, there will be approximately 78,900 square feet that can generate sales tax.  George anticipates building within eight to ten months, and hopes to achieve total build out within 30 months.

The possible retail projects include a hardware store, health food store, grocery store, and restaurants.

George will make many improvements to the area, including widening Juniper with left turn lanes.  He will add right turn lanes as well.  There will be a right turn lane in front of Vons gas station.  Another right turn lane will be from south Mary to West on Tefft street. There will also be left turn lanes on Mary. Finally there will also be curbs, sidewalks, landscaping.

Frontage Road


Dave Watson’s Frontage Road project followed.  This project originally consisted of approximately 10 plus acres, and has had several incantations thus far.  When originally approved in 2000 they were looking to widen Frontage Road, and include a south bound on ramp to the freeway.  Then, after discussions of moving the south bound on ramp to Hill Street, Dave had to make significant changes to the project.

The 2005 version tried to fashion various alternatives for the freeway onramp; however, there is currently a disagreement with what the local community wants, San Luis Obispo County wants, and what Cal Trans thinks should go in.  Dave suggested using all available means of political pressure to help persuade Cal Trans to see the on ramp issue as the local community wants it to be.

The current project version contains approximately 75,000 square feet of retail space, on Frontage Road.  There will be approximately 60 units of mixed use units, those combined with commercial downstairs and residential upstairs.  Of the 75,000 square feet retail, approximately 15,000 square feet will be some type of food service establishment, which will generate sales tax.  The remainder of the commercial/retail will be a mix of commercial and/or professional.

Dave is currently working with the Nipomo Commons, the development next door.  He, and Rob Marinai are cooperating as their projects abut, and things are working smoothly between the two projects.  Dave doesn’t know when the Frontage Road project will move forward, given today’s economic climate.

Nipomo Commons

Rob Marinai was unable to attend; however, he did speak with Mike Eisner about the project.  It will eventually include a hotel.  They are currently in discussions with Choice Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, and Hilton to build a 72 to 83 room hotel with nightly rates at about $120.00.  This project will bring in much needed transient occupancy tax (ToT) to Nipomo once incorporated.

There will be approximately 38,000 square feet of commercial space, along with 51 units of mixed use.  They hope to complete the project within the next 18 to 24 months; however, since part of the project site is the old recreation center, which was recently gutted by fire, there is some element of doubt about the exact timing for this project.

Flatley Tefft Street Project:


Patrick Flatley stepped in for his brother Terry Flatley to discuss their current project located at 691 W. Tefft Street, right cross the street from Post Office.  It is a four acre mixed use project.  Right now it consists of an incredibly big hole in the ground, which will eventually be the retention basin.  There are 20 units designed with commercial or office space on the ground level, and residential upstairs.  This is meant to reduce traffic, and bring people closer to where they work.

Currently the 20 units are for sale.  There are two condos over one commercial building.  This is meant for a professional, i.e., accountant, real estate, photographer or the like.  The project is designed with low maintenance landscape throughout. Traditional landscaping takes lots of water.  So they are focusing on low maintenance landscaping meant to reduce water usage.

Patrick made the often forgotten point that developers write the checks and contribute money toward impact fees and future supplemental water to do their part in mitigation for traffic impacts and water impacts.  This project won’t impact traffic or water much.  The concept is live where you work.

Their homes are some of the most energy efficient in California.  They look at as many things as they can to be energy efficient.  California has highest energy efficient building standards in country.



Jim Tefft discussed Olde Towne in general and some of their goals.  The Olde Towne Association began in 1995.  They hold regular luncheon meetings each Thursday at the Creekside Cafe in Olde Towne.  They are always looking for new members.  So if you are interested go check them out at lunch one Thursday.

Jim described one of the overriding goals of Olde Towne is to create the equivalent of the Village in Arroyo Grande.  It is to be a pedestrian friendly tourist type center of the Nipomo community.  They have already made incredible improvements to the Olde Towne section with revamped streets, lights, and benches.

Currently they have run out of money, so that is a factor in further development they would like to undertake.  Peg Miller, an Olde Towne citizen has two projects in the works, including one kitty corner to Jockos, a mixed use project.  The other is near the Mayor’s place on Tefft Street, also mixed use.

Jim also discussed the ongoing culvert construction in Olde Towne meant to alleviate their past flooding history.

Woodlands Project


Jim LaLoggia discussed the ongoing development at The Woodlands.  I have previously written about The Woodlands here.

The Woodlands started over 20 years ago, and was approved as a village, a mixed use community, with business, residential, and recreational areas.  The Village Center, is a 140,000 square foot retail and office space, including a sheriff’s facility.  Construction is to begin latter part of 2009.  There will be no holding cells or lockup at this sheriff facility, just communications and transportation.

There will be 20 apartments included above office and retail space.  Also in the hub is a three acre park.  There will be retail and art in the park.  There are three other parcels of free standing office buildings, restaurants, and markets.

The business park will have light manufacturing.   The resort facility, will eventually contain a four star hotel, which is approved for up to 500 units, if the market would bear such a hotel.  It is located just below the butterfly habitat of 20 acres.  The design is approved. The first phase will start the latter part 2009.

The Woodlands will eventually contain 1320 total residential units.  Most of these will be single family homes.  A few hundred  will be apartments.  There are several access areas to the Woodlands complex.

They are currently in the first phase.  There are about 250 homes now occupied and constructed.  They will be moving to second phase soon.  The have two of three world class golf courses (Monarch Dunes) developed.

The retail would include typical retail outlets.  They have discussed spots for a financial institution, escrow companies, real estate, and restaurants.   The Business Park is about 10 acres.  Ingress and egress to the business park does not require going through the Woodlands itself.

They are looking for the right mix of tenants are retail outlets.  Jim foresees the possibility of some type of Subway Sandwich or a Starbucks, but probably not a McDonalds.



Rob Rossi, discussed his future plans for Blacklake Golf Course. Rob has been involved with the Blacklake Golf Coure in the past; but, has owned the golf course since 2001.  He is excited to be part of the Blacklake community.  Rob explained that some of the Blacklake infrastructure needs updating, particularly the outdated course irrigation system.  They intend to re-do portions of the golf course, possibly reconfiguring the front nine holes.

Water is a significant cost, and he wants to redesign the entire irrigation system to be more water efficient, thereby saving more water than they use.  He is working with the NCSD in updating the water and irrigation systems at the course.

Rob presented a power point slide show detailing some of the aspects of the project, including golf bungalows and potentially a 60 room hotel.  I’m having trouble uploading the power point to the website; but, if you want a copy email me and I will send it out via email.

The new Blacklake Lodge will be a four story building, three above ground and one below grade.  Rob hopes to begin construction by approximately 2011.

Trading Post and Olde Towne Development


Greg Nester of Greg Nester Construction discussed his commercial development plans for Olde Towne and The Villaggio Deli/Market at Blacklake.  Greg is a 25 year Nipomo resident and is well invested in community having built several residential projects.  Greg has a couple of commercial projects coming up.  One is at Pomeroy and Willow near Blacklake, called the Villaggio Market.  It is a 5,000 square foot convenience market.  There will also be a high quality deli and restaurant at the location.  There will be wine tasting as well as an event room for rent.

Greg plans a golf cart path with access from Sunday Drive in Blacklake to the market.  Otherwise access will be via  Willow Road which will eventually move closer to the deli and market when it is reconfigured and extended.

The other project is the Trading Post at Thompson and Tefft Streets. It will front  2/3 of the block on Tefft Street.   The first of seven buildings will be a restaurant.  The project will have a clock tower,  and will be two stories.  The rest of the project will be retail buildings, single story.  They will include 400 to 3600 square feet in retail buildings.  The residential will be on back side to south.  There are three residential condos for this project.  They do not intend to save old building currently there.  It is not an historical landmark.  It is  also below flood plane, and poorly built.

Greg is working with SCAC and has architectural approval.   He is senstive to growing energy efficieny and energy reduction.  They focus on building more efficient homes.  Greg did not indicate a timeframe for these projects.

Longs Project

Ted Moore was unable to attend.  Mike Eisner gave brief update on the project.  This is the extension of the current Longs center located at Mary and Tefft Streets.  It is moving along and many tenants will be moving in within a matter of weeks.  The Lemos Feed and Pet store will open the first or second week in October.

Some tenants include Wells Fargo Bank, Me & Ed’s Pizza, a UPS Store, a mexican restaurant, Healing Touch and Healthy Inspirations.  There are only three spots left to lease in the project, two of them are next to Wells Fargo Bank.

A few other photos of the development conference follow below.  Thanks to Bonnie Eisner for taking photos of the event.  Also, a special thanks to the Woodlands for allowing us to use the Avial Room, and providing the great refreshments.  We also want to thank Dave Congalton of Hometown radio and now Nipomo resident for moderating the meeting.  Thanks also to Ingmar Lauringson, Mike Eisner and Kevin Beauchamp for making most of the arrangements and doing the legwork to make this incredible meeting possible.

NICE also wants to thank the general public for their attendance.  The numbers exceeded our wildest expectation, and we hope that those who attended felt it was worth while.  We would like to hear from those who attended, or even those who have read these notes on their impression of the conference, the things you liked, disliked, suggestions for future meetings and topics, and ways to improve what we did today.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the post.

Dave Congalton reading a question from the audience

Audience members in attendance

More audience

Dave and Mike prepare to start the morning


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