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Nipomo Development Conference Writeup In Santa Maria Times

Mike Hodgson, an associate editor with the Santa Maria Times attended yesterday’s Nipomo Development Conference hosted by the Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education (NICE).  Mike’s excellent write up is in this morning’s Santa Maria Times hereContinue reading


NICE Nipomo Development Conference A Success


On Saturday, September 20, 2008, 263 Nipomo residents jammed the Avila Room at at the Monarch Club in Trilogy (Woodlands) to hear about eight development projects in the works in the Nipomo Area. Continue reading

Latest Nipomo Sales Tax Information

San Luis Obispo County has provided us with the latest sales tax information for the Nipomo community.

$225,080    1st Quarter 2008

$213,972     1st  Quarter 2007
$258,584     2nd Quarter 2007
$239,171     3rd Quarter 2007
$238,989      4th Quarter 2007

$950,715    Total 2007 Sales Tax Revenue

$210,000 Est.  1st Quarter 2006
$256,827         2nd Quarter 2006
$253,922         3rd Quarter 2006
$237,290         4th Quarter 2006

$958,039    Est. Total 2006 Sales Tax Revenue

$921,000    Total 2005 Sales Tax Revenue