Nipomo Incorporation Committee General Meeting 9/20/08

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee has a stellar general meeting planned for September 20, 2008.  Ingmar Lauringson’s Community Development Committee has taken the laboring oar and has put together an incredible panel of Nipomo Developers to address Nipomo’s Retail Future.

Panelists include:

George Newman        Project at Mary and Jupiter (Nipomo Town Square)
King Ventures           Frontage Road
Ted Moore               Long’s project
Rob Marinai              New motel and Nipomo Commons
Jim La Loggia            Woodlands Marketplace
Greg Nester             The Trading Post in old town and the market at Willow and Pomeroy

The official program title:

Developers Address The Retail Future of Nipomo

Moderating this spectacular lineup is none other than Home Town Radio’s Dave Congalton, a local Nipomo resident.   Make certain to mark your calendars:

Date:  Saturday September 20, 2008
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Location:  TBA (Either Woodlands or Blacklake)

Local and state government officials have been invited, and some are certain to attend.  We invite media representatives to report on the meeting prior to as well as after the event.  Spread the word to friends and community members to attend this critical Nipomo Incorporation update.


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