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Nipomo Incorporation Committee General Meeting 9/20/08 Location


The location for the NICE General Meeting on September 20, 2008 is the Avila Room at the Monarch Club in Trilogy (Woodlands).  This will be an exciting location for our next General Meeting.  Please mark your calendars:

September 20, 2008
9:00 a.m.
Avila Room, Monarch Club, Trilogy

We look forward to a well attended and informative meeting.  For any questions, feel free to contact

Mike Eisner               

Guy Murray               
Ingmar Lauringson    


Nipomo Incorporation Committee General Meeting 9/20/08

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee has a stellar general meeting planned for September 20, 2008.  Ingmar Lauringson’s Community Development Committee has taken the laboring oar and has put together an incredible panel of Nipomo Developers to address Nipomo’s Retail Future.

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Steering Committee Minutes 6/26/08

Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes

June 26, 2008

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Kevin Beauchamp, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Lynn Mc Gill, Bob Mc Gill, Jim Harrison, Al Daurio, Dan Gaddis

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