Steering Committee Minutes 1/29/08

The Steering Committee minutes for the January 29, 2008 meeting appear below:

Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes

January 29, 2008

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Kevin Beauchamp, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Jim Harrison, Al Daurio, Helen Daurio, Dan Gaddis and Terry Buterbaugh.

Guest: Donna Mehlschau

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.

Mike went around the table and each of the committee chairs gave an update on what they want to achieve this year.

501C3- Bonnie Eisner, Chair – We have received the paperwork back from the State of California approving our non-profit status. They Federal approval is still a couple of months away due to the amount of applications they have received.

Davis Report Update- Clyde Cruise, Chair- MIKE YOU CAN ADD CLYDES Report

Public Relations- Al Daurio, Chair- his committee needs to tune up and update his presentation so Al will call Bonnie, Mike and Dan to review and tweak the message.

Community Development- Ingmar Lauringson, Chair. – The committee took the county, DOB, and chamber data and got 864 businesses affiliated or doing business in Nipomo. Kevin will clear up the list of duplicates and print out a new list. There are 307 businesses licenses in Nipomo. The committee will put business into categories and see which category the committee should speak to first.

NOTE_ I do not have the name of Terry’s Committee… Press packet???

Road Show- The next program on Incorporation will be on Feb 27th at the chamber luncheon. It is to be a pros and cons debate. We need to update Al’s presentation and go back to the Woodlands and other groups this year. We also need to see how many of the flyers we have left before the next program.

Community Workshop- The committee agreed that the best draw we could get to a meeting would be Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee. Mike will contact Katcho to see if he can assist us with this and have the meeting at the Trilogy banquet room which just opened. We will set that for March on a date agreeable with Assemblyman Blakeslee’s office.

Fundraising – There were several ideas: Car show, golf, BBQ, Reverse Drawing and others. Helen suggested that we begin to have a raffle at each of our community workshops so that some funds are trickling in. We will need a donation basket each time from someone in the community.

Thank You Notes – Donna volunteered to do our thank you notes for the donations to NICE. She thinks that is important to get right out. She will need Mike or Clyde to funnel the information to here so she can follow up with a note.

Web site – Ingmar wanted Guy to know how very good the site looked. It was suggested that we try to link up our site with others in the community. Guy will look into that.

The committees need to move ahead and be fluid. This is our year to move ahead and try to get the attention of Nipomo residents.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:55 p.m.


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