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Nipomo Incorporation Committee For Education Meeting 5/3/08

Jonny Wallis addressing NICEThe Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Eduction (NICE) held its quarterly public information meeting on May 3, 2008, with Jonny Wallis, a sitting Goleta City Councilwoman as the guest speaker.  There were were 26 local citizens who attended the meeting, including our 4th District Supervisor, Katcho Achadjian, and NCSD board members, Mike Winn, Cliff Trotter, and Jim Harrison.  Also attending with Jonny Wallis was Kitty Bednar from Goleta.  If you missed the meeting, I will provide a synopsis of my notes below.  We want to thank Jonny Wallis and Kitty Bednar for making the long trek to Nipomo and for sharing with us their insights on Goleta’s incorporation journey and some insights we can use here in Nipomo.  We would also like to thank the Black Lake Management Association for the use of their community room at Black Lake. Continue reading


Steering Committee Minutes 2/26/08

The Steering Committee minutes for February 26, 2008 follow below: Continue reading

Steering Committee Minutes 1/29/08

The Steering Committee minutes for the January 29, 2008 meeting appear below: Continue reading