Steering Committee Minutes 9/25/07

The 9/25/08 Steering Committee minutes follow below:Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes
September 25, 2007

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Joe Tomei, Kevin Beauchamp, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Merle Ackerman, Al Daurio, and Clyde Cruise.

Guests- Teresa Cruise

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.

A big thank you to Clyde and Teresa for the delicious dinner they served us.

The agenda and minutes of June 26, 2007 were approved by common consent.

Mike recapped the Gyros and Fund Raising meetings.
Ingmar highlighted the CCGA meeting.

Treasurer’s Report- We have $1,283.00 in the bank.

October festival, October 13th- We need volunteers. Clyde and work the afternoon and Guy volunteered to work the morning shift. Mike will send out an e-mail to those who did not attend to see if anyone else can assist.

Bullet Points on the presentation -There was a discussion on the power point presentation produced by Al Daurio and his committee. Bonnie noted that the presentation needs a few more slides so we don’t look like we are pushing incorporation. Al agreed to review her ideas.

Governing a new city – The point was brought up at one of the meetings about whether we have enough qualified residences to fill a slate of town council members. Guy brought up the point that if you look at all of the volunteers who are currently working in the community, and the new home owners entering the community. There should be no trouble finding competent volunteers. Merle also reminded the group that there will still be a city manager and other paid staff to assist the council members.

Community Workshop – The committee felt that the title of the meeting should be “Emergency Services Infrastructure. The speakers will be Bill Fisher from Cal Fire. Mike will see if Commander Basti can join us also plus with Rob Rossi in attendance, it might be nice to hear from him.

Our next workshop will be in January and the thought was to have Chuck Stevenson and Brain Pedrotti, from SLO planning, present all of the projects in the works for Nipomo plus answer questions from the attendees.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


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