Steering Committee Minutes 6/26/07

Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes June 26, 2007

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Joe Tomei, Bob McGill, Kevin Beauchamp, Lynn Mc Gill, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Merle Ackerman, Jim Harrison, Al Daurio, Clyde Cruise and Terry Buterbaugh.
Guests- Mike Winn

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.

The agenda and minutes of April 24 2007 were approved by common consent.

The Articles of Incorporation were approved. Motion by Lynn / Al .

The By laws were debated by the steering committee and approved. Motion by Ingmar/ Bob. A copy is attached

Al showed the power point presentation produced by the public information committee. Suggestions were made and the presentation will be edited. This presentation will be shown at Summer Fest.

Summer fest is July 14th. We need volunteers. Terry asked for Mike to resend the request for help.

Finances needed for 2007- We will need a budget of about $1,000,00 for this first year just to pay for the incorporation and non profit filings plus the brochures. It was suggested that each member of the steering committee assist in this by donating $100.00. We are also thinking of placing a request for funds on the web page. Mike will send an e mail out to the steering committee for approval.

The committee will be dark for July and August. Motion by Merle/Al.

Our next workshop will be in October, if we can get access to the NCSD building. It was suggested we work on the communities’ vision for Nipomo.

Adjourned at 8:20 p.m. You may also access the minutes here. Steering Committee Minutes


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