Letters To The Editor On Nipomo Incorporation

The Tribune has run a few letters to the editor on Nipomo’s Incorporation over the last several days.  I am reposting them here for preservation of the dialogue.  You can read all of them after the jump.

The first letter was published on Sat. June 2, 2007 and written by Ethel Landers, entitled Nipomo Independence:

Nipomo independence

It is time Nipomo residents look thoroughly at the pros and cons of incorporation.

Right now, most decisions for Nipomo are made by five men who do not live or work here.

It seems like Nipomo gets what all other areas of the county don’t want; uncontrolled growth, a questionable water supply and traffic congestion.

Nipomo now has nearly 15,000 residents. Many are involved with local advisory boards. Those do a good job of airing all sides of issues. However, once the vote comes before the Board of Supervisors, often the advisory board decisions are reversed. Seems like development wins without regard to the impact on Nipomo residents.

Basically, it comes down to the fact that Nipomo is not an organized entity and it is governed by the county— five men who don’t have to live here.

But is it feasible to selfmanage? The true question is, do we have the financial resources —basically from local sales tax —and the people resources —basically from local citizen involvement — to make a successful town? If we have adequate amounts of both, it’s time to keep our taxes and our governmental decisions under local control. To get involved, go to www.nipomoincorporation.org. Ethel Landers


The next letter, likely published in response was published Tuesday,  June 5, 2007, written by Jim Neuman:

Why not to incorporate

Do you think we need more politicians? Do you eagerly anticipate the next tax increase? Do you want to see Nipomo developed to the extent that it looks like something that belongs in the San Fernando Valley?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re probably in favor of incorporation for Nipomo.

The most common reason given for incorporation by its supporters seems to be the desire for “local control.” Although this sounds appealing on an emotional level, it doesn’t withstand the scrutiny of logical analysis.

Incorporation is likely to lead to the problems alluded to in my first paragraph, along with a few other undesirable results.

If we, as a community, decide to incorporate, we will be making a very dangerous and expensive mistake. If this issue should ever come before us on a ballot, please vote with your head, not your emotions.

Jim Neuman


Finally in response to Jim’s letter, was this letter by NICE President, Mike Eisner, published by the Tribune on Saturday June 9, 2007:

Good to incorporate

I would like to thank Mr. Jim Neuman for his Letter to the Editor dated June 5 (“Why not to incorporate”). The points he questioned were very valid. However, I feel they need some slight corrections.

First, if Nipomo incorporates, there will be fewer politicians rather than more. Instead of five members of the Nipomo Community Services District and 17 members of the South County Advisory Council, there will be just five members of a City Council elected by the citizens of the community.

Next, tax increases can only be adopted by the voters —not by the City Council.

Lastly, Nipomo currently has no say on development because it is decided by five representatives of the Board of Supervisors sitting in San Luis Obispo, with only one of them trying to represent the wishes of the community.

Regardless of what is recommended by the Advisory Council, the Board of Supervisors, in many instances, ignores the community’s wishes. Who better to regulate development than the local elected representatives?

Jim, thank you for your views, and we would love for you to join Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education as an interested community resident and help us do what is proper for Nipomo.

Mike Eisner,

President of Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education


We will try to highlight all news coverage as well as letters to the editor in our continuing efforts to keep the Nipomo public informed about incorporation.  We thank everyone for expressing their views on Nipomo’s future.


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