Steering Committee Minutes 3/27/07


Steering Committee Minutes       Steering Committee Minutes 3/27/07
March 27, 2007

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M.

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Dan Gaddis, Joe Tomei, Keith MacGregor , Bob McGill, Kevin Beauchamp, Lynn Mc Gill, Bonnie Eisner, Ingmar Lauringson, Merle Ackerman, Jim Harrison.

Guests: Rick Hoff, Mike Winn, Sherry Vivas, Harlan & Donna Bell

Introductions of the member present

Old Business- The minutes of the February 27, 2007 were approved by common consent.

Committee Reports:
501c3-Bonnie reported on the ten steps necessary to file the non profit paperwork The steering committee finalized the first three as follows:

Formulate a mission Statement, Form a Board of Directors, Get approval to establish a Federal Identification Number.

Motion: The committee unanimously approved the following Mission Statement:

N.I.C.E. (Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education) is a non-profit organization, consisting of a cross section of interested residents, organized to educate the community of Nipomo on the benefits and drawbacks of Incorporation. NICE, will through workshops and community town hall meetings, inform and enable citizens to make an informed decision in the future on the incorporation of Nipomo. The organization does not and will not take a position on incorporation, but is simply committed to moving the process forward so that the citizens can choose the best course for themselves.

Motion: The committee unanimously approved the following Board of Directors:

President- Mike Eisner Vice-President- Guy Murray
Secretary- Susie Hermreck Treasurer – Clyde Cruise

It was noted that the above were listed as the Board of Directors for filing purposes but in fact the complete Steering Committee were considered on the Board.

Additionally, Joe Tomei volunteered to be the historian for N.I.C.E but will not be on the Board of Directors

Motion: The committee unanimously approved the filing for a FEIN Number.

Guy and Bonnie will work on the budget required at the time of filing.

Motion: To approve the opening of a checking account as soon as the FEIN number has been received. Checks will require two signatures with the following as authorized signatories: President, Vice President and Treasurer. The motion was unanimous.

Update the Davis Report- The committee has held one meeting and broken up the report into sections. Two members will review the income statement and two will review expenses. To date the have secured copies of the annual budgets for Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and working on securing one from Guadalupe. It was noted that this committee, and its findings, will determine if and when the community is ready to file for Incorporation. The committee is also attempting to determine the population of Nipomo and once determined project it out to 2012. Two options are being proposed, one within the boundaries of the SOI and one including the Woodlands. Discussions were held as to whether to include Summit Station and area 8 on the SOI map. This discussion was tabled for now and will continue at a later date.

Press Packets- The committee will be meeting on April 10th at 9:30 A.M. at the home of Al Daurio.

Community Development – The committee has held one meeting. They are splitting up the group to work in tandem to present the Incorporation plan. They will go to the greenhouse grower in June. Mike Winn suggested that we add a link to both the NCSD and the Nipomo Chamber. Guy will call and ask if both groups will allow this.

HOA- Bob is looking into all of the incorporated area and developing a list for the next meeting of all the HOAs. He is working with Goetz Management to obtain this list. We are attempting to determine how the HOA’s will operate in the incorporated areas.

501C3- Will meet monthly, on the second Thursday of the month. Location TBD.

Work Shop- The members agreed that the next community workshop should be at the end of May with Paul Hood from LAFCO there to answer the questions we could not answer last time. The rest of the meeting will be the committee chairs bringing the public up to date on our work. Joe will work on blowing up some aerials of Nipomo and the SOI. Ingmar will be working on a bumper sticker to sell at the Summer Fest in the park.

New Business

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce is having a festival in the park on July 14, 2007 and we should set up a booth. Joe Tomei and the NCSD have large pictures for us to display of the area. The press packet committee will prepare a single sheet handout for the event. It was suggested that the power point presentation have included a slide to show how funds can be donated without the committee having a 501C3 number at this time.

The next steering committee will be on April 24, 2007 at 6:00 P.M. at the NCSD. It was suggested that Mike and Guy do their “dog and pony” show at this meeting for the entire steering committee to see what the power point presentation looks like.

Adjourned- 7.35 pm.

In reviewing the calendar, it appears that May 12, 2007 would be the best day for the community workshop. This is two weeks before Memorial Day. Please place on your calendar.



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