Centeral Coast Magazine Looks at Nipomo Incorporation

In the latest issue of the Central Coast Magazine, author Jamie Relth produced an excellent article on the current Nipomo Incorporation movement. I recall speaking with Jamie several times about this article. I think she has done a very good job of research and writing.

Her opening paragraphs yank the reader through history via imperialism, wars of independence and exploration, then drops us off at the gateway to San Luis Obispo County: Nipomo:

It’s no longer the days of world exploration, imperialism, and wars for independence- at least not in the US, The West has been explored, Alaska purchased, a Constitution written, and boundaries drawn. All those heroic leaders who laid the groundwork for our great country live only in books. In short, all the exciting stuff has already happened.

But, perhaps pessimism has made us nearsighted. Though many of our present institutions seem stable – or even stagnant- the truth is the laws aren’t fixed, the borders aren’t permanent. A good reminder of this comes from that unassuming, southernmost community in San Luis Obispo County that is standing up to the status quo: Nipomo. Notice the term community. No, Nipomo is not a city. Not yet. Like Cambria, Avila, and San Miguel in San Luis Obispo County, and Los Alamos, Orcutt, Santa Ynez, and, until recently, Goleta, in Santa Barbara County, Nipomo is just another unincorporated community. Nipomo is particularly interesting, however, because its borders have never really been defined, its status is unknown by many, and its recent growth is setting it on a path toward city hood.

I really like that backdrop to Nipomo’s incorporation–gives it a proper sense of importance–one I think it deserves. One of the most critical points Relth makes in her article is that the timing for Nipomo’s incorporation, assuming financial feasibility is ripe, in order to avoid the revenue neutrality alimony payments of other communities:

Since Cambria makes so much money for the county now – with hotel taxes and sales taxes
– it would be prohibitively costly for them to “divorce”; whereas, had they incorporated
earlier on, before the Revenue Neutrality act and before they became such a cash cow, they
would have had their freedom and control for a much lower rate.

Cambria and Goleta (which is now incorporated, but paying millions in alimony to Santa Barbara County) make such good examples, because Nipomo is still at the stage of development and growth where they could secede without having to pay back.

Check out the entire article. My understanding is that the Central Coast Magazine is readily available.  For example, you can purchase the magazine at any of the locations listed below.  If for some reason you don’t find a copy, I have uploaded the article here: Centeral Coast Magazine On Nipomo Incorporation

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