Nipomo Steering Committee Minutes 2/27/07

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education (NICE) met for the first time on 2/27/07. The minutes of that meeting are published below. Feel free to email or leave comments, questions or suggestions.

Nipomo Incorporation Steering Committee Minutes
February 27, 2007

Present: Mike Eisner, Guy Murray, Dan Gaddis, Clyde Cruise, Keith MacGregor, Bob McGill, Kevin Beauchamp, Lynn McGill, Al Daurio, Bonnie Eisner, Joe Tomei

Introductions of the members present

Purpose of the Committee- To assist in the direction that the incorporation committee should take at this time. Spearhead finding others in the community to help since we need a broader range of people.

Overview of the LAFCO seminar- notes attached

Members should check out the following web sites to glean more information: Cortesse Knox Hertzberg Act- the bible for LAFCO on the LAFCO web site. This is a guide that all communities must follow to incorporate.

Carmel Valley, Cambria and Laguna Woods, other communities involved in incorporation, are all linked on our website:

501(c)(3)-Most members agreed that this is one step that we need to take; even though it will cost some money we need it in our fund raising efforts. This will be the education arm of our incorporation committee.

Establish committees and chairs from the steering committee.
It was agreed that we would all post our committee meetings on the web site, so that everyone would know where and when they are if they would like to attend. That way our work will be visible to everyone to see.

Meeting schedule- the steering committee will meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday at the library at 6:00. We will have quarterly workshops to update the community. Our first public venture should be at the chamber’s summer festival in the park.

We need a map with the new cities exact boundaries. Keith will assist us with the update of the SOI map to include the Woodlands.

The name for our organization will be N.I.C.E = Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education.

Meeting Adjourned- 7.35 pm.

We invite all interested Nipomo residents to become involved in one of our committees.


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