Incorporation Newsletter February 2007

Hi everyone. This post is the most recent Incorporation Newsletter update, including a list of the various committees we are currently establishing as well as a list of the current steering committee members with email addresses. Feel free to contact me or Mike Eisner via email if you are interesting in becoming involved in educating the community and assisting in the study of Nipomo’s possible incorporation.

MARCH 3, 2007)


The steering committee of the Incorporation Feasibility Committee had their first meeting on February 27, 2007. The following people have agreed to serve on the steering committee:

Merle Ackerman

Kevin Beauchamp

Clyde Cruise

Al Daurio

Bonnie Eisner

Mike Eisner

Dan Gaddis

Jim Harrison

Susie Hermreck

Ingmar Lauringson

Keith MacGregor

Bob McGill

Lynn McGill

Guy Murray

Joe Tomei

During the meeting, the following items were finalized:
a. The name of the organization will be N.I.C.E
b. The steering committee will meet the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in the Nipomo Library. Meetings will not be held during the months of group workshops.
c. Group workshops will be held quarterly with the next one scheduled for April (date and time to be determined).

Also during the meeting, we discussed the committee structure of the organization and the following committees and members were established:

1. 501C3- Investigate and initiate the paperwork necessary to form a non-profit organization for fund raising:
a. Bonnie Eisner- Chair
b. Guy Murray
c. Terri Howard
d. Susie Hermreck
e. Donna Mehlschau

2. Update Davis Report and Organizational Study.
a. Clyde Cruise- Chair
b. Dan Gaddis
c. Dan Woodson
d. Jim Harrison

3. Press Packets- Develop power point presentations, DVD’s and packets.
a. Al Daurio- Chair
b. Ethel Landers
c. Lynn McGill
d. Kevin Beauchamp

4. Community Development- Develop approach to builders, developers and community businesses.
a. Ingmar Lauringson- Chair
b. Joe Tomei
c. Keith MacGregor

5. Fundraising- Develop types of fundraising for the organization.
a. Mike Eisner- Chair
b. Phil Henry
c. Rick Hoff
d. Clyde Cruise

6. Public Relations- Develop a plan to present the proposal of Incorporation to the community.
a. Susie Hermreck- Chair
b. Terry Buterbaugh
c. Merle Ackerman
d. Bob McGill

7. H.O.A- Review the home owner associations in Nipomo and determine how they would work under Incorporation.
a. Bob McGill

8. Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
a. Mike Eisner
b. Guy Murray

The committees are looking for additional members and I have attached e-mail addresses so that you can contact them and volunteer to assist. This notice, as well as all other notices and information, will be available on the website at

Join up and join in the excitement of exploring and establishing a new City.


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