Nipomo Incorpration Committee Asks NCSD Support

Mike Eisner and I appeared before the NCSD Board recently and reported on the Incorporation Workshop. The Adobe Press reported the story here:

Group asks NCSD to back incorporation movement
By Randi Block

An impressive showing of community support at a recent Nipomo Incorporation Committee meeting led two proponents to ask Nipomo Community Services District directors to play a larger role in the movement last week.

The board was unable to respond to the proposition because it wasn’t on the agenda but offered to have the discussion at a future meeting.

Mike Eisner and Guy Murray, co-chairmen of the Nipomo Incorporation Committee, held a community workshop the previous weekend so the public could learn more about what it would take to form a city and how close Nipomo is to reaching that goal.

“There is a desire (in the community) to explore this,” Eisner said.

Fifty-six people attended the event, which covered several issues related to cityhood, including a focus on Nipomo’s financial picture, water shortage and potential boundaries.

Fourth District Supervisor Katcho Achadjian, who represents Nipomo, attended the meeting and said the Board of Supervisors and surrounding communities of Arroyo Grande and Oceano support Nipomo’s efforts.

He said he would support the push if a majority of residents also were in favor of gaining more local control.

Incorporation proponents learned in November that Nipomo generated $200,000 more in sales tax revenue in 2005 than was originally predicted — a sign the community is moving toward financial independence.

At the weekend meeting, members of the public volunteered to form a committee to study the feasibility of incorporating and fundraising strategies, because $200,000 is needed to initiate the process, Eisner said.

At the NCSD meeting Jan. 24, the men asked the directors to support the effort and nominate someone to participate on the committee.

“We’re here to ask the NCSD to participate with the continuation of these studies,” Eisner said. “We think the NCSD could play a large role in this process.”

In the past, individual members of the NCSD board have said they support the idea of incorporation if the finances pencil out and allow Nipomo to retain similar levels of service without raising taxes.

No date was set for the NCSD discussion of incorporation.

Randi Block can be reached at 347-4580.

February 02, 2007

My understanding is that the NCSD Board has not yet formally decided to discuss any formal support for the Incorporation Committee at this juncture, they have agreed to appoint a Board Member, Jim Harrison as their lianson to the Incorporation Committee. Thanks to the Adobe for covering the incorporation movment and dialogue in our community!


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