Incorporation Workshop Minutes 1/20/07

Community of Nipomo Incorporation Workshop

January 20, 2007


Notes from the Meeting


Break out #1- Why should we Incorporate?


1. Local Control of Nipomo

2. Community park joins the City

3. City determines zoning based on current GPA

4. Stronger voice with the County

5. City can review and change current GPA

6. City can attract businesses to the community

7. Sheriff and CDF would continue under contract

8. City services (planning, building, permits) can be kept in house or contracted out

9. Better control of road fees

10. Don’t want another Los Osos experience- proceed with caution

11. To proceed with Incorporation process (the fiscal feasibility report and application to LAFCO), 25% of the registered voters would need to vote approval

12. The area of the City would be suggested to follow the outline of the SOI approved in 2004

13. NCSD would become part of the City

14. Growth will never be at zero but if we take control we can control our own destiny


Break out #2- How to involve interest and market the idea of Incorporation?


1. Speaker group to present the idea to groups like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Gyros, Old Car Club, PTA, Library, Churches, Ministerial Association, Union Halls, Seniors Center, Chamber, Newcomers, Etc.

2. Keep the newspapers, media aware of activities

3. Contact the green house growers for support

4. Work with the builders and developers through their builders association.

5. New media should include:

a. Press kits with information pro and con

b. Establish blogs

c. Articles in organization newsletters

d. Freeway signs

e. Booths at community activities

6. More town hall meetings and include:

a. Discuss lessons learned from Incorporation in other cities.

b. Have meetings around the community including Black lake and the high school

7. Train speakers to conduct workshops on the phases of Incorporation

8. Prepare a DVD presentation

9. Create a website (done


Break out #3- How to fund the idea of Incorporation?


It will cost approximately $150,000.00 to complete the task, plus costs of the committee of about $50,000.00. Therefore we need to raise about $200,000.00. First the group would like to explore a 501C3 so that donations can be tax deductible. Some ideas of funding are:

1. The NCSD

2. Builders and Developers

3. Businesses within the community (i.e. Banks, greenhouse growers, local businesses)

4. Explore grants

5. Community activities (BBQ’s, bake sales, fund raisers, etc.)


Committees started at the meeting:

1. Explore 501C3- Terri Howard, Susie Hermreck, Donna Mehlschau

2. Press packets- Ethel Landers, Al Daurio

3. Marketing- Ingmar Lauringson, Terry Buterbaugh, Susie Hermreck

4. Funding- Phil Henry, Rick Hoff

5. Builders/Developers- Joe Tomei

6. Governmental contact- Katcho Achadjian

7. Update the Davis Report- Clyde Cruise


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