Why Should Nipomo Become A City?

Cityhood has four principal advantages for Nipomo. First, cityhood means local control over land use decisions. County approval of large development projects during the last decade has angered many local residents due to increased traffic and decreased quality of life that have resulted. In some cases, County land use decisions were in direct violation of the South County Area Plan (SCAP), the goal of which is to preserve the rural character of Nipomo.

Nipomo has only one voice in five on the board of supervisors. This means that individuals who represent voters with no ties to Nipomo, currently living as far away as Cayucos and Cambria, are making land use decisions for Nipomo! Currently, the only formal means through which Nipomo may provide input on land use decisions is the South County Advisory Council. Its recommendations, at times, have been ignored by the County. With cityhood, all local land use issues will be decided locally, by the people of Nipomo–individuals who work, live, and breath in Nipomo. Cityhood will provide the tools to the people of Nipomo to prevent the kind of ‘urban sprawl’ that has spoiled other parts of California from occurring here.

Second, cityhood means better local government. Nipomo City Council representatives would be more responsive to the needs of the residents of Nipomo because they would be held accountable to the people of Nipomo. Four of the County supervisors can afford to ignore Nipomo because they are not accountable to us in any way. The opposite would be true after achieving cityhood: all the council representatives would be accountable only to the people of Nipomo. If they were not doing a good job, we could vote them all out. In addition, the provision of city services would be much more efficient after incorporation because they would all be based right here in Nipomo. Cityhood means local government that is close to home.

Third, incorporation mean more efficient municipal services than we have currently. Local tax dollars would stay in Nipomo to be directly applied to Nipomo needs, rather than be deposited to the county general fund.

Fourth, cityhood means a greater voice in San Luis Obispo County. Like all cites, Nipomo City would hold or share seats on many county-wide boards, including the water board and transportation agency. This would give Nipomo a far greater voice in County decisions. Currently, only individuals and organizations from Nipomo can petition these boards on issues of concern; after cityhood, Nipomo representatives will sit on the boards and help to make those decisions that affect us all. Without cityhood, Nipomo will continue to lose the small voice it has in the County.


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