Nipomo’s Incorporation

The time has come to begin builidng a significant section of this blog relating to Nipomo’s incorporation, or in other words, Nipomo’s quest to become a city. Let me preface this post by reminding readers that anything that appears under my name on this blog constitutes my opinion, and my opinion only as a private citizen and Nipomo resident. I am involved in formal organizations within the community; but, I do not speak for them in any capacity when I post an opinion here on this blog. This is true particularly regarding incorporation. I am involved with the official SCAC incorporation committee; however, posts on this blog reflect my own personal opinions and observations, not those of any organization or affiliation I may have with the SCAC or any other organization.

I will begin to build a new links section on the sidebar exclusively incorporation related, but Nipomo and state wide. I will also post some of the articles I have written in the past. In my opinion there is no greater single issue facing Nipomo today than preparing for and educating the public about the process for Nipomo to become a city in the future. I welcome ideas and input from anyone on incorporation, the process, the benefits, the burdens. This is an exciting time for Nipomo.


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